Goth or Emo

Writing Prompt 30 day challenge found at


Day #3


“Write about the worst time you’ve ever put your foot in your mouth.”


Goth or emo? There’s a topic of debate that I learned to never get into the hard way. When I was in the tenth grade I was talking with one of my friends, I’ll call her Blondie, about another friend, I’ll call her Dusk, and we were discussing whether Dusk was a goth or an emo. Then later I went to the goth/emo friend and casually chatted about what Blondie and I were talking about. Now Blondie had regarded Dusk as a goth but had mentioned her being a little emo as well, and when I asked Dusk which one she was, rather than getting mad at me, she got mad at Blondie for even considering that she was emo. Thus Blondie and Dusk, who were two unlikely best friends, got into a huge fight that lasted several days and I couldn’t help feeling like the entire thing was my fault. I tried explaining to Dusk about the misunderstanding but she was still angry. Luckily the fight did resolve itself and they became friends again. That was the last time I questioned whether someone was goth or emo and decided to learn a few differences between the two.


3 comments on “Goth or Emo

  1. dirtydeetz says:

    i see well sounds like if she ot all upset about that then she is a little lot of bit emo 😛

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